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Zetech Innovation Entrepreneurship and Technology Hub (iZET)

News & Events

The Theme for Research and Innovation Week 2023 is “Leveraging on Technology to drive Sustainable development”

The sub-Themes are

  1. Media & Digital Transformations
  2. Agri Technologies
  3. Financial Technologies
  4. Educational Technologies
  5. Entrepreneurship and Business Growth
  6. Renewable Energy and Climate change

Startup & Innovation Fair

iZET Hub (Zetech University Innovation & Entrepreneurship Hub) and Research Department are inviting Zetech University staff & students to register for the IDEAS FESTIVAL to be held on 25th May 2023 from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm at the TRC University's Auditorium.

"Attractive prizes will be won for the best ideas of the day as follows”

  1. The winner will be awarded -15,000
  2. 1st Runners up -10,000
  3. 2nd Runners Up -5,000

Use this LINK to fill in the Google form to participate.


Zetech University IDEAS FESTIVAL

Theme of the Workshop : COP27 IMPACT ON CIRCULAR ECONOMY

Zetech University In collaboration with Paragon Institute of Innovation and Eden Ecotech Global will be Hosting the Circular Economy Workshop and Ideas Competition on 8th November 2022 at the Zetech University TRC Auditorium from 12 noon.. The Competition aims at innovations in Circular Economy and Renewable Energy where the best 3 ideas will attract upto 600 dollars in total.

Register Here


Theme and Sub Themes
The Theme for Research and Innovation Week 2022 is “Innovation for Sustainable Development and Emerging Disruptions in the 21st Century”

The sub-Themes are

  1. Industrial Innovations and Infrastructure
  2. Disruptive Technologies In ICT And Engineering
  3. Disruptive technologies for social Environments
  4. Role of Media in Achieving Sustainable Societies
  5. Education for Sustainable Development
  6. Building Sustainable Economies
  7. Target area and beneficiaries

iZET partners

iZET has developed a number of partners as part of the innovation, technology and entrepreneurship journey

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