Zetech University Innovation Entrepreneurship and Technology Hub (iZET)

Zetech University, Main Campus, Off Thika Road - Ruiru
Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm

Zetech Innovation Entrepreneurship and Technology Hub (iZET)

IZET was "born" The Zetech International Centre for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology Development (ICEITD) in September 2018. It was established as a multi-purpose "vehicle" with the aim of being a business and technology incubator for graduates and other citizens outside the university. As a center of excellence, ICEITD was expected to identify and develop entrepreneurs (in business, ICT, agribusiness and in other service sector) through capacity building and technology applications. The founders envisioned a Centre which was to play a key role of spurring Zetech students, graduates and faculty into being creative and innovative in their disciplines for the sustainable production of goods and services. Hence making their education more appropriate and resulting into employment generation. Through the Center, Zetech University was expected to contribute towards the country’s achievement of a number of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) specifically the First goal (elimination of poverty), the Fifth (gender equality) and the Eighth goal (decent work and economic growth) among others.


To be an international hub center for promotion of innovation and technology-based entrepreneurship


The Mission of the "iZET hub" as a Center of Excellence (and Incubator) within Zetech university is to identify, nurture and support the growth of new and existing enterprises including technology companies as well as the practical application of knowledge through inventions and commercialization; hence leading to job and wealth creation for a strong economic growth in Ruiru township and the country at large.


  1. To facilitate the creation of ideas and inventions that benefit society
  2. To ensure that the outcome of all Center Activities produce graduates that meet market demands – providing job opportunities and highly skilled inventors and entrepreneurs.
  3. Facilitate collaborations and partnerships with industry, academia and other institutions in the area of innovations
  4. To ensure smooth running of our training processes to promote technology-based entrepreneurship and thereby facilitate practical application of knowledge for public use

iZET partners

iZET has developed a number of partners as part of the innovation, technology and entrepreneurship journey

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