Zetech University Innovation Entrepreneurship and Technology Hub (iZET)

Zetech University, Main Campus, Off Thika Road - Ruiru
Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm

Zetech Innovation Entrepreneurship and Technology Hub (iZET)

Theme and Sub Themes
The Theme for Research and Innovation Week 2022 is “Innovation for Sustainable Development and Emerging Disruptions in the 21st Century”

The sub-Themes are

  1. Industrial Innovations and Infrastructure
  2. Disruptive Technologies In ICT And Engineering
  3. Disruptive technologies for social Environments
  4. Role of Media in Achieving Sustainable Societies
  5. Education for Sustainable Development
  6. Building Sustainable Economies
  7. Target area and beneficiaries

The event is meant for a wide range of stakeholders including students, researchers, start-up or small enterprise; innovators or entrepreneur thinking about starting a business; an investor or venture. We expect to host over 100 researchers attending the conference, Fifty (50) exhibitors at the exhibition tents, and over 400 audience are expected to participate the inaugural Research and Innovation Week at Zetech University. The Exhibition area shall be divided into the following types of exhibitors. The Zetech Research and Innovation Week 2022 will be guided by the Big-Four agenda and the sustainable development goals and Agenda 2064.

What we aim to achieve

  • Strengthened Industry-University linkages
  • Instil innovation and entrepreneurship mindset among the participants
  • To create awareness on the Intellectual Property protection and commercialization of Research
  • To exhibit and recognize innovations by researchers, start-ups and organizations
  • To promote practical skills necessary to create sustainable innovations that impact the societies in a meaningful way

Our target audience

  • Organization Policy makers who focus on innovations, education, research, intellectual property, technology among others.
  • Anizations and start-ups with innovative products they wish to showcase.
  • Academia: University leadership and Faculty.
  • Entrepreneurs who have developed ideas into products and businesses.
  • Private sector and development partners who wish to promote innovation in their organizations and society.
  • Students and learners who wish to enhance their innovation skills and get inspired by innovative solutions in society.
  • Investors who look for innovations and start-ups in which they can invest.

Duration and Venue

Date: October 24th to 28th 2022
Duration: 5 days
Venue: Zetech University Thika Road Campus.

Pre- Event Activities

  1. Intellectual Property Rights Seminar
  2. Design Thinking Workshop
  3. Bootcamps
  4. Entrepreneurship and Start-up seminars
  5. Innovation challenges

The Main Event

Day 1

  • Opening ceremony
  • Innovation and Start-up Summit
  • Innovation Exhibition

Day 2

  • Innovation Exhibition

Day 3

  • Seminar: Intellectual Property and innovation commercialization seminar
  • Innovation Exhibition

Day 4

  • Research Conference Opening
  • Exhibitions Closes

Day 5

  • Research Conference day 2
  • Award Ceremony
  • Closing Ceremony

iZET partners

iZET has developed a number of partners as part of the innovation, technology and entrepreneurship journey

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